About Dreaming of Gnar

Beast Coast Climbing

Dreaming of Gnar is a website designed to showcase the very best of the East Coast Climbing scene. From written accounts, media, videography, and more.


Beast Coast is a subtle nod to the common utterance ‘Best Coast’. As the common climbers representing the Beast Coast, we get it, our crags are difficult, notorious, sandbagged; while conditions often challenge our days outdoors. We don’t get 250+ days of sun, we get days of rain, condensation, humidity.


DWS Presentation, 2019
Flash Foxy Summerfest
Fayetteville, WV

Design x Mental Health, 2019
Speaking Out
San Francisco, CA

Impact for Growth, 2018
Building Compatible Teams
San Francisco, CA


Amanda is always available for side collaborations and talks. If you want to chat about design, books, wine, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


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April 2020

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December 2019

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November 2019