**Notable solos**
“Dalai Lama” – 5.12c
“Boy” – 5.12b
“The Lion” – 5.12b
“Satisfaction” – 5.12b
“First Offense” 5.12a
“Maximus” – 5.12a

**Onsight Solos**
“Tangerine (5.12a)” – Little River Canyon
“Supercrack (5.11d 3p)” – Shortoff Mountain
“Golden Rule (5.11b 3p)” – Shortoff Mountain, 3rd pitch

**Notable Days**
-One vertical mile of soloing in 10hrs, Shortoff Mountain. Fifteen routes from 5.6-11d, including onsights up to 5.11d. All routes were multipitch and ranged in length from 350-450f. Footage total was approx 5700ft, just to make sure it was a full mile.
-326 pitches at 36HHH: 124 in the 12h, 202 in the 24, first team ever to earn a “double win” at 36HHH by earning “Most Pitches” in BOTH the 12 and 24.

**Memorable Solos**
“Dreamscape (5.11c/d)” – Sandrock Alabama
“Fear of Flying (5.10)” – Enchanted Rock

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