My Favorite Posts!

I’ve got something like 36 posts on this blog, ranging from utter crap to some that I genuinely hold dear. In honor of the New Year and all the new adventures I have planned, I decided to toss up a link to my favorite posts, the ones I really look back fondly upon. Here they are in order from Most Favorite-est to just plain favored:

A Guide to Fall Practice That Actually Works!
I’ve been injured often and had to overcome the fear of falling many times. As a result, I’ve had a lot of friends ask me about tips for overcoming fear of falling, and that spurred me to codify my methods and put them down in a simple instructional article (warning, it’s really long. If you read the intro and then skip down to the section specific to your discipline of climbing, I truly won’t be offended)

Just Breathe: A Guide to Mental Training:
The current canon of mental training advice has placed the subject on a high pedestal which makes it seem unattainable to average climbers like us. Mental training doesn’t have to be hard or mystical. It’s a very easy subject to approach and practice!

Stepping Back From The Edge:
It was a big deal for me to write this, but I felt it was important. After all the traveling that I’d performed, I met dozens of folks who had all fought the same battles I had, and they all thought they were alone. I wanted to let everyone know we’re in it together.

Shortoff Mountain Solo Mega Milage:
This is the kind of wicked awesome day I live for, I had dreamed of doing something like this for years ever since reading stories of the Stone Masters. I just never dreamed I’d be someone capable of pulling it off. I’m a genuinely lucky person. Also, it tuns out that training for your goals really pays off! =P

This post is where the blog began. It’s the highest graded solo I’ve performed to date, and a line that I hold dear.

Life is an Inherently Dangerous Sport:
This one was initially just a rant on my laptop in response to some internet comments, but it got a lot of shares and views, which tells me that it resonated with a lot of folks.

Free-Mojo Rock Climbing:
This post was kinda my “where it all began” story, mixed in with some commentary. I suppose an alternate title could be “why I don’t think of myself as crazy.”

120 Second Anchor Building:
I love speed, effeciency and simplicity. It’s something I think everyone could benefit from. After a lot of tinkering I came up with a rad anchor system that finally runs smooth. I hope you guys enjoy it! Also, I enjoy the irony involved when the free-soloist gives safety tips.

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